In 1958 Charlie Cook took on the roll as Rover Leader.

The crew consisted of the following members, Jack Owens, Duncan Croft, Alex Ferguson,

Bill Prentice, Bill Farrell, Donnie Wilkie, Jim Clark, and Jim Ferguson.



A: Duncan Croft

B: Charlie Cook

C: Jim Ferguson

D: Jack Owens

E: Donnie Wilkie




F: Billy Farrell

G: Jim Clark

H: Alex Ferguson

Missing from the picture is Bill Prentice





Charlie molded the crew to be one of the most successful crews in Scotland

They entered and won the "Lanarkshire Challenge Scout Shield" the last three of that competition.

The complete crew joined the "Civil defence corps" and were know as the "Blantyre Scout Rescue Team" The corp was disbanded in 1964.

The crew also entered the

"Scottish Rover Challenge Hike"

A grueling 50 mile hike to be completed inside 24 hours,in the Scottish high mountains (over 2500 feet) each team had to check into 7 out of the 10 check points.

One particular year they came in 3rd. out of 26 entries, 2 of which came from Norway and Sweden and the remainder from the U. K.