In the late 1989/early 1990 the V.S.U. became involved with EDA. The husband and wife team who headed up the EDA were Dr.Jeanne Bell and Dr. Denis Rutovitz. When they came home from holiday in the former Yugoslavia, after seeing the suffering and depravation firsthand, they decided to do something to help the people, hence the EDA was born.

One of our unit saw a news clip on the national news and she discussed the idea of doing something to help with the unit executive.


Over a period of almost seven years we (the unit) collected old cloths, medicines, toys, and anything that people who had nothing might need.

A wealthy Glasgow businessman gifted a brand new 35,000 pounds vehicle to help in the efforts.

Our local Roman Catholic priest, Father John Irons, ran a variety show for us and raised 1,400 pounds towards the cost of diesel fuel.

Two of the Venture Scouts did a sponsored parachute jump while the whole unit did a sponsored Cyclethon over a weekend and ran Discos to raise money to help pay for the fuel needed to drive the lorries to Bosnia.

The unit was 100% commited to helping the EDA.

Jeanne Bell was a frequent visitor over the seven years, also a young Yugoslav teenager (17 years old) came back with the food convoys to visit the unit on more than one occasion (his parents had been murdered during the war).

The leaders of the unit were extremely proud of the members of the unit and told them regularly.