It had poured rain all day so Charlie Cook said to me to put a little Brandy in the boys cocoa at night before they went to bed, and handed me a bottle of brandy from the First Aid Kit.

Now being young and not knowing much about drink and other vices i went over to the Camp fire, looked at the huge dixie of cocoa and thought Charlie must mean the whole bottle so i put the whole bottle in.

Despite the rain it was the best nights sleep the boys ever had!!!

I wont tell you what Charlie said to me in the morning, but he did see the funny side and forgave me

Jim Kemp.


The we went to the annual camp on the Duke of Argyle's estate at Inveraray, 1951 i think, and it poured and poured, even on the last day when we were breaking camp the heavens seemed to open up even more. I got a pain in my side and it got so bad Billy Botterill had to send for a doctor, who diagnosed "Appendicitis", and i was whipped off to the Western Infirmary in Glasgow to have the offending bit removed.

Ian Brown

This camp was the camp from hell, out of the fourteen days i think we had two days when it did not rain. We had to dig a deep trench around all the tents to keep the rain out. The weather was so bad that we were fed-up waiting for a dry day that we had a swimming parade in the rain

Duncan Slater