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 We thank you for taking time to visit our web site.

We hope that you will Find it both interesting and entertaining.


The site is made up of seven sections.

Visit : Scotland or Blantyre

By selecting one of these choices you will visit the land of our forefathers or village of my birth


Family Tree

This has a list of surnames that you may browse through; check it against your family tree. This section will be updated on a regular bases as new information is received

Family History

This was written as a tribute to Mum and Dad.

The earlier events were witnessed by Nell and Alex while the later years by Sadie and Duncan.

Blantyre Scouts

As a former member of the Blantyre scouting community i was asked to build a web site,

to cut costs i incorporated in my web site.


Christmas 2008

As a family we would add our Christmas wish to people who viewed our site this is the

last one posted before my wife of 52 years passed on.



In this section the flags of all the countries that our tree has helped to develope will

proudly fly along with submitted branches.


I would like to thank all the people who helped me realise this web site by suppling information, stories and pictures and a special thanks to Nell's son - in - law Donald Campbell who designed the web site.